5 thoughts on “Video link

  1. Any chance you tried a fair dinkum fondue en Suisse? Bike terrain looks wonderful, if only. In context of beer, our old mate Roy in Singapore, in exchange of emails, he reckons he’s allergic to beer, attacks of terrible eczema itches. But says he happy to watch me, so obviously need to do such dooty for him, a hard life eh? Take it easy, learn lotsa things and have lotsafun, cya, B.


  2. You two are such legends. Took me days to read the complete blog. Wish we where all there with you! Well jell the english say… cant believe its been a month already. Love all the stories and videos, keep it coming! Big hugs from Deano & Marno. Ps. Do you Ƨheck your facebook messages or have whatsapp?


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